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Mobile gaming is taking the world by storm. Whereas the term ‘gamer’ may have once referred to young kids playing on their video game consoles connected to the family television, nowadays anyone and everyone is a gamer. This is due to the wave of mobile devices that everyone now has. Smart phones continue to get cheaper and yet better equipped with internal hardware and specs that make gaming anywhere people go possible. There are many types of games that have gripped the attention of people of all ages.

What makes these games so attractive, and in some cases very addicting, is how simply they are designed and how passively they can be enjoyed. It was once the norm that in order to play a game one needed to set aside a good deal of dedicated space for a physical game-centered controller with buttons and joystick. Now that everyone has their smart phones and tablets which all have a touch screen interface, playing a game is as simple as touching or tapping the screen and swiping in any given direction. That simple swipe could represent the swinging of a sword, the placement of a lettered box in a word puzzle or executing a command in a role-playing story-based game.

Among some of the most popular games are ones where players can engage one another in competitive modes. One such game is Bloons TD Battles, where players compete against one another online in a game of strategy., where one can play with other gamer friends and family around the world have their appeal because they can be done through their phone over a WIFI or cellular connection. Gone are the days where one needed to be hooked up to each player with long ethernet cables and servers connecting computers or consoles for LAN parties. With games like Bloons TD Battles, one can be in the comfort of their home or on their commute on the train, bus, or subway, and take a few minutes to get that evasive high score.