Gluten Free Foods: Quick Lunch Ideas for Busy People with Intolerance

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  by Ezequiel

One of the biggest downfalls to living gluten free is that you only have two options: pay expensive prices for gluten-free substitutes for normal glutens or cook at home. You’ll be happy to know, however, that there are some great gluten free foods you can make for lunch that take under twenty minutes.

To really save yourself time, think about cooking gluten free foods in larger batches. For example, you could make enough quesadillas for two or three days instead of one. This saves you a lot of prep time.

1: Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla

This recipe works well with leftover or canned chicken. Simply shred the chicken (if not already). Place two or four white corn tortillas on a griddle – depending upon how large your griddle is. Lay a thin layer of your favorite cheese on all of them and place a small amount of chicken on half of them. Fold one without chicken onto one with, and presto! Quesadillas! Eat them with sour cream, salsa, or guacamole.

2: Cheesy Polenta with Black Beans & Peppers

Polenta is a non-gluten containing grain made from corn. It takes approximately twenty minutes to make polenta, but you can create a very large pot in this time which can be reused over the next few meals. Add cheese, butter, salt, and pepper to the polenta to season. While this cooks, finely dice onions and bell peppers. Place in pan and cook until soft. Add canned black beans. Season to taste. Top the polenta with the beans.

3: Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus with “Green Rice”

This food requires a deep fryer but is incredibly simple. You’ll want to start your “green rice” first. Rice takes approximately fifteen to twenty minutes to make. When the rice is almost done, throw in a handful of frozen spinach, butter, salt, and pepper. While this cooks, snap fresh asparagus – about ten stalks will create two meals. Wrap the asparagus in a slice of bacon, stab through with a tooth pick, and drop into the deep fryer for about six minutes. You should be able to cook four or five at a time.